about kadaxis

Kadaxis finds new ways to connect people with books. Our approach uncovers new insights about books by analysing book content and reader data at scale.

BEA 2014 Startup Competition Finalist

Kadaxis’ technology are available at:
    • authorcheckpoint.com
    • bookdiscovery.co
    • kadaxis.com/gutenberg

Kadaxis is based in New York City, the heart of the book publishing industry in the United States.


Kadaxis incorporates several machine learning algorithms and sophisticated data capture and processing systems to derive insights and metadata from a manuscript and from analyzing it's audience. We've processed tens of thousands of books and millions of online conversations about books, to derive unique literary insights and create connections with new audiences.


We work with publishers and publishing companies to power their backend discovery initiatives through our REST API.

Contact us to arrange a demo or for trial access.


    • Programming languages: Scala, Javascript
    • Databases: Mongodb, CoucbDB
    • Web: Play, Angular, Node, Express
    • Hadoop