Connecting people with books

Kadaxis helps authors connect with their audience, and book lovers find their next great read.

Author Checkpoint is a web-based marketing suite for self- published authors that lets you:
Find candidate keywords for any book on Amazon. This is the easiest and most time efficient approach to keyword research you'll find anywhere. View a sample.
Compare key metrics of your writing against high-selling novels, and understand where editorial changes may make your book accessible to more readers.
Give readers a unique insight into your writing, by publishing a topical analysis of your book on View a sample book page. is a unique book site for readers that relies on audience data rather than publisher metadata. Use to:
Search for books by the terms you naturally think of, like "surprise ending" or "healthier life" (and not be restricted to title, author or publisher supplied keywords).
See each book summarized into a few phrases that resonated with readers.
Get recommendations for similar books, found by matching readers' experiences across books.