Need help with Amazon keywords?

For a limited time, Kadaxis will research Amazon keywords for your book, to help make your book more discoverable.

Our team of experts will:
  review your book's metadata (and make suggestions to improve it if required)
  provide you with a list of validated, relevant keywords for your book, that customers actually use
  inform you about special browse node qualification keywords that match your book (where applicable).

We're accepting only 20 authors, and applications will be open until Friday May 22nd (unless all spots fill earlier). Normally, we charge $100 for the service, but as we're limiting this offer to a small group of authors, we're offering our service for $49. To ensure we deliver good keywords for every author, we'll review your book's Amazon page before accepting you into the program.
To apply, CLICK HERE to fill out an application form (4 questions - 30 seconds), and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.

Here are two examples of keywords we researched for:
  a new adult romance book
  a self-help book on changing careers


Who should use this service?

Authors, publishers or anyone with books (fiction or non-fiction) for sale on Amazon, who wants a quick and expert list of keywords to use for their book on Amazon.


Can't I do this myself?

Many authors take a best guess at keywords for their book, update them once and hope for the best. (If you've ever stared at an empty search box, trying to imagine the words customers would use to find books like yours - you'll know how hard the process is!). While this approach may sometimes produce good results, finding effective keywords requires much more work. To do this process properly, requires significant research into finding out how customers think about searching for your book, then testing that each keyword returns results similar to your book. (Wouldn't you rather spend that time writing and editing?)

Our team spends a lot of time researching your book, it's audience, analyzing your metadata (including reviews), then searches within our extensive keywords database for the most effective keywords for your book. Our keyword database contains search terms used by people specifically searching for books. We provide you with a list of keywords that you can cycle through, to test which ones provide the best results, or to modify to match sales fluctuations.


What will I get?

  • A list of 15-20 keywords, optimized for Amazon, to cycle through and experiment with, tailored to your book.
  • Instructions on how to apply the keywords and how often you should update them.
  • If applicable, we'll also let you know which keywords qualify your book for Amazon's special browse node categories, which increases the exposure of your book on Amazon.
  • We'll also run your book through our metadata checklist, and make suggestions if we identify areas that could benefit from an improvement.
  • A copy of our detailed special report: "How to sell more books online, by optimizing keywords".

Here are two examples of keyword research we conducted. One was a new adult romance book and the other was a a self-help book on changing careers.


How long will it take?

On application for review of your book page on Amazon - 24hrs.
Turnaround time for our keyword service is one week, but we'll often get back to you within a few days.


How do I apply?

By clicking here to fill out the application form. Before doing so, ensure that your book page is up-to-date and populated with as much data as you have. Ensure you have a good book cover, categories specified, a detailed book description and customer reviews. We'll get back to you in 24 hours with our initial assessment. If you'd like to go ahead at that stage, we'll send instructions for payment, and once received, we'll start working on your book.


Will changing my Book's keywords increase sales?

Good keywords help more potential customers see your book. So while keywords can have a direct positive impact on sales, in most cases, the answer is: it depends. Many factors influence a customer's decision to purchase a book, such as:
  • whether your book's metadata (cover, title, subtitle, description, etc.) resonates
  • the number of positive reviews your book has
  • competing, similar books
  • price
  • the customer's personal situation, etc.

The bottom line, is that good keywords increase the exposure of your book, increasing its odds for more sales. The rest of your book's metadata helps to convert to a sale.


What if I'm not happy with the service?

We'll issue you a full refund, of course.

Ready to apply? CLICK HERE to fill out this simple form and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.