Private Keyword Optimization Trial


Private Keyword Optimization Trial

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How will the trial work?

1. Authors will submit the following data to Kadaxis:

- ISBN/ASIN (max 2 books)

- list of keywords currently assigned to each book (i.e. added to the book's metadata and processed by Amazon).

- ISBNs/ASINs of 3-5 comp titles (comps should have at least 100 reviews). For more on comp titles see: (of most value to us are comps with a similar target audience to your book).

2. Kadaxis will process each book through it's Audience Driven Keyword Analysis system and provide each author with a report per book (which will include keywords). This is the same product we provide to publishers.

3. Kadaxis will hold 1-2 group discussions where authors will be provided guidance on how to use the keyword data, measure results, etc. We'll also cover how Amazon search works and best practices to increase search visibility (with an approach tailored to authors). Authors will also have a chance to answer any questions about their book's data, or keywords in general.

4. Authors execute the keyword methodology discussed in the group session.

5. Authors share results back with Kadaxis for review.

About us

Kadaxis is a data science company who uses machine learning to create Amazon optimized keywords for books. Our method was developed by observing and working with publishing digital marketing experts, replicating tasks experts performed manually. Our approach focuses on understanding readers of a book, primarily through the analysis of online book reviews. See:

Why are we running the trial?

We currently work with many of the top publishers, providing keywords for books with a focus on Amazon search optimization. So far, we've processed several thousand books, across a wide variety of genres from front to backlist. We're running this trial to see if we can find a format and approach that works for authors.

What to expect

Keywords aren't a silver bullet to improve sales, and there's no guarantee that metadata changes will materially improve discoverability. Amazon treats each book differently, which means some books benefit more than others from metadata changes. Generally, the more recent sales a book has received, the more likely it is to see an improvement in discoverability. (We'll talk through some tactics to employ, where recent sales aren't as high).

What authors will receive, is a large set of keywords for each book submitted, data about their book's readership and a methodology to increase the likelihood of improving their book's visibility in online search. We've honed our approach through experience working directly with publishers.