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keywords To jumpstart Your Amazon Ad CampaiGN

  • Amazon ads are one of the most effective and fastest-growing methods of selling more books on Amazon.

  • Most campaigns start with hours of research using complicated keyword tools and blog how-to’s. This service is simple. Enter your ISBN or ASIN and receive hundreds of keywords via email.

  • Keywords that work. The keywords you receive are tailored to your book’s audience on Amazon. You’ll reach more readers who are ready to buy books like yours.

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How it Works

  • Submit your ISBN or ASIN when you checkout.

  • You’ll receive a spreadsheet with over 500 keywords, tailored to your book’s audience.

  • Create a Sponsored Ad on Amazon (Amazon’s guide available here).

  • Upload your keyword spreadsheet (Amazon’s guide available here).

  • Enjoy increased visibility and book sales on Amazon.

  • If you need help running your campaign, we’ll help you through the process.


Why Kadaxis?

  • Trusted by indie authors to the world’s biggest publishers to create book keywords that work. Proven record of improving the visibility and sales of thousands of books on Amazon.

  • Contributor to the BISG publishing industry keyword standard.

  • Pioneered artificial intelligent keyword creation for the publishing industry.

  • Expert speakers on keywords and product search at industry conferences such as Book Expo America and Digital Book World.

  • Deeply understands Amazon search and book keywords: read our expert articles here.

500+ Keywords
Only $129