Fiction Key Phrase Analysis Tool

Kadaxis' Key Phrase Analysis tool helps book marketers make informed decisions about key phrase selection for Amazon and web search SEO. To use the tool, simply enter a key phrase or part of one and select it from the dropdown or hit enter.

How do I use the key phrase analysis tool?

The results help you determine the exact key phrases to use in your metadata. Order is important, for example, an author might think that "science fiction military" is the correct ordering of terms for her book. But entering these terms into the system returns many results starting with "military science fiction", which is what book buyers are actually searching for.

'Top Amazon Browse Nodes' are derived for each key phrase by analyzing the search results for the query on Amazon, incorporating factors such as the position of each result (higher places results are closer matched to the search intent of a book customer). It's often challenging to determine whether a key phrase is relevant to your book - this data provides an immediate check for relevance of a key phrase to your book.

Use the Volume Score to help rank the value of different key phrases. A higher score is likely to mean a higher level of search volume for the phrase on Amazon. The score also incorporates an estimate for competition for a key phrase. So, for example, if two key phrases have equal estimated volume but one has lower estimated competition, then the key phrase with lower competition will score higher.

Hover over any of the headings for individual explanations of result columns, or click a heading to sort results by that column

Where is the data from?

Key phrase data has been gathered by observing Amazon search results, and surfaces key data points that should be considered when making a decision about the use of a key phrase as part of your metadata on Amazon.

All key phrases are real, validated queries used by customers on Amazon. Queries with a very low number of results have been omitted.

Why are the results on Amazon different?

Amazon updates their indexes very regularly, and as such the data will likely not be in sync when running the tool. Our data is relatively fresh though, and can be relied on to assist with key phrase selection.

Browser Support

Almost all modern browsers are supported by the tool, but the following are not supported at this stage:

Safari v4

Internet Explorer v9 / Windows 7