understanding Markets through AI

Kadaxis are the industry leaders in applying artificial intelligence to metadata optimization for the publishing industry. We believe that to connect with readers, you first need to understand them. This philosophy is central to all of our book marketing products.



Audience Keywords help you connect with the right readers through metadata.

Through our strategic partnership with Firebrand Technologies, we help publishers of all sizes generate recurring revenue through keyword optimization. Get in touch today for information on pricing and how we can help you.




• Analyze your novel to find topics, categories and metrics on marketability.
• Find keywords for any book on Amazon


Buy hundreds of keywords for your Amazon Ad campaign
• Sell more books by understanding how to connect with readers: Amazon Research Service


Service Providers

Power your next application with Kadaxis AI models, available as REST/JSON APIs:
• Generate keywords for any book on Amazon (simply pass in an ASIN)
• Perform topic analysis of book text
• Classify books to BISAC categories
• Generate keywords from book text
• Keyword to keyword similarity
• Keyword classification
• Book to book similarity
• much, much more...


Our clients include: