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Kadaxis helps power your discovery initiatives and implement effective keyword strategies, by providing data extracts and analysis directly from your catalog. We provide backend data services to support your IT department in using your data in innovative and profitable ways.

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Use Cases

Download a brochure outlining use cases for our technology.

Use our data services to:
• Power your recommendation engine
• Create topic or location browse trees for your catalog
• Power rich search on your site, by letting customers search on extracted data, that may not be captured
in existing metadata. For example: ‘erotic thriller with vampires’ , ‘books set in Prague’ (vs. books with Prague in the title or description) and ‘navy seal romance books with adultery’
• Help identify books that contain content that matches new news and search trends
• Create rich product pages, allowing customers to view the topics contained in a book by percentage, e.g. Police Procedural 12%, Court Trials and Lawyers 3%, Paranormal 2%, and Military 1%

data serviCes

Download our Data Services Guide.

We offer data services that can be accessible real-time through our JSON APIs, to integrate into your existing workflow, or via batch export in popular file formats, such as CSV or XML.

Book Keyword Discovery and Analysis

Kadaxis can help automate much of the challenging, technical work required to implement an effective keyword strategy. Access extensive keyword data sets and algorithms to :
• Find keywords by BISAC code (e.g. find all keywords that return books in the FIC043000 Romance code)
• Discover similar keywords to a source keyword (e.g.
show all keywords that return similar books to a keyword)
• Perform keyword volume analysis
• Find keywords by Amazon Browse Node
• And more

metadata extraction and Augmentation

Kadaxis can extract the following data from the text of a book, using machine learning algorithms:• Topics
• Topics
• Locations
• People/characters
• Significant terms
• Editorial quality assessment
• Readability assessment
• Point of view
• Author gender prediction
• Language detection

Comparative Title Generation

We identify the best comparative titles for every book in your catalog, by comparing the text of each book with every other book, using our unique algorithms. (This capability is accessible via batch only).